Dash Timer v1.2 is Looking for Beta Testers!

Are you looking for even more features than those that are currently available in the App Store version (v1.1)?

You can test Dash Timer and give all of the newest features (not yet available to the public) a whirl for FREE!

Simply reach out via phone, email, form submission, or live chat.

In v1.2, you'll get all of the features from v1.1 PLUS:

  • NEW WORKOUT MODES: Dash Timer v1.2 now supports bike rides, indoor runs, and HIIT workouts. Before starting a workout, swipe up in the workout screen to view these options.

  • MAP DATA: Outdoor runs and bike rides now save map data to Apple Health on iPhone.

  • ELEVATION GAIN: During a workout, the bottom-left quadrant can now be toggled to display elevation. The smaller number represents your current elevation, while the larger number represents accumulated elevation gain.

  • NO MORE "INITIATING WORKOUT": Workouts now start right away. No more waiting and preparing. Heart rate and calories might take a few moments to kick in, but time and distance should begin to work immediately.

  • MAX HR ZONES: Make sure your Date of Birth  is included in your profile section of iPhone’s Health App. Then, simply toggle through the bottom-right quadrant during a workout to see Max HR % and the associated zone.

  • MUSIC SHORTCUT: When looking at the stopwatch or workout screen, turning the digital crown now acts as a shortcut for the music player.

  • INCREASED PERFORMANCE: You should notice a slight performance boost here and there.

Reach out via phone, email, form submission, or live chat for your free access.


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