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Stopwatch & Workout App

Acess the stopwatch right from the start. From here, you can also access your workout and control your music.

Stopwatch Basics

Where are the small buttons? Well, the entire screen is the start button! And also the stop button. And... also the reset button 🙃.

Just tap once to start the watch! Where? Anywhere! Tap again to stop the watch. Again, anywhere is fine. To reset, simply swipe down to "squash" the time. It doesn't matter if the watch is running or not.

The stopwatch also has a lap mode. To access this, swipe up! The top half of the screen will behave as the stopwatch normally would, and the bottom half behaves as your lap hub. Just tap the bottom half of the screen to add a lap. Don't need laps at the moment? Swipe down to put them away. For now.

Workout Basics

Let's start a workout! As long as a workout isn't in session, you can change your workout type by swiping up. This will reveal the picker allowing you to choose from an outdoor run, a track & field workout, strength training, or something else.

When a workout is in session, each quadrant is customizable. Tap the top-left quadrant to choose from total duration, current mile/km duration, or prev. mi/km split. Tap the top-right for avg. pace, avg pace for current mi/km, or current pace. The bottom-left houses distance traveled, and the bottom-right shows various heart rate metrics as well as calories burned.

During an active outdoor run, you can also swipe up to reveal lap controls. Do this to reveal metrics such as current lap time, previous lap split, current lap pace, and current lap distance. From here, you can also add new laps by tapping the "Add New Lap" button or by repeatedly swiping up while in lap mode. Swipe down if you wish to exit lap mode.

Save Your Data for Later

Outdoor runs come with special data. When you add a lap, you'll see a view of that lap's split, distance, and mi/km pace. Whenever you complete a mile or kilometer (depending on user settings), you'll also see that mile/kilometer split.

Regardless of your workout type, you'll see a detailed summary when your workout is done. See heart rate information, distance traveled, total time, average pace, mile/km splits, custom lap information, and calories burned.

You can choose whether you'd like to save this information to iPhone or discard the information altogether. If you save the data to iPhone, you can access it later in the Activity and Health apps. Calories, distance, time, heart rate data, and avg pace (if applicable) can be found in your iPhone's ACTIVITY app. Mile/kilometer splits & custom lap information, on the other hand, can be found in your iPhone's HEALTH app. For that detailed data, navigate to the "Sources" tab in Apple Health. Then, tap "Dash Timer," "Data," and "workouts."

Special Features!

Force-Touch your Apple Watch to reveal a "special features" menu. From here, you can do the following:

  • Command Starts: Have Dash Timer give you a "SET" command followed by the sound of a starting pistol. Your stopwatch will then start automatically. This is useful for practicing block starts as well as for starting the stopwatch automatically when it is difficult for you to do so.

  • Timed Haptics: Dash Timer can also be set to give you sound/haptic feedback at set intervals while the stopwatch is running. Keep track of time without even looking at your watch! Track & Field athletes can use this to make sure they are staying on pace during an interval. Weight lifters can use this to time their rest intervals, sets, or even individual reps. Those participating in a HIT workout can use timed haptics to keep track of when they should change activities. CrossFit users can use timed haptics for EMOM workouts. Sometimes, it just isn't convenient to look at your watch while working out.

  • More: See what system settings you'd like to customize. If you'd like to change your default workout or toggle between seeing miles/kilometers, this is the place to go. You can even enable physical button support for workouts.


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