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Is Dash Timer *really* free?

Yes. Dash Timer is currently free for everyone! No ads, no accounts, no subscriptions, and no data collection. Just great features leading to even better workouts.

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This app sounds great, but how is this any different than other apps, like Nike or Strava?

Great question! Actually, Dash Timer was created due to the precise frustrations felt when trying to use those other applications.

For Track & Field athletes, Dash Timer features a starting pistol, timed haptics to keep you on pace, and an amazing stopwatch built specifically for athletics. Stopwatch entries and custom notes can be saved to your workout to help you track your progress while taking jumps, charging up those hills, running intervals, and more. Using the athletic stopwatch while simultaneously keeping track of workout metrics is key.

For runners and bikers, Dash Timer offers the complete package: far more data customization and visibility during distance runs; true mid-workout segment functionality with time, distance, and pace; mile/km notifications; and other features such as auto segments (via time or distance), physical button support, an integrated stopwatch built for athletics, and more. 

For CrossFit athletes & weightlifters, Dash Timer is useful because of the ability to use the integrated athletic stopwatch (with timed haptics) while simultaneously keeping track of workout metrics. This aids in HIIT workouts, EMOM workouts, and for tracking reps & rest periods in the weight room.

ALL athletes are welcome to see how a stopwatch and fitness tracker can work together to bring their training to the next level.

Is there an iPhone version? Anything for Android?

Rather than being designed for iPhone and then "watered down" for your wrist, Dash Timer was designed exclusively for the Apple Watch. There is no functional iPhone version of this app. However, your iPhone can be used to review Apple Watch instructions and to store workout information in your Activity and Health apps. (Dash Timer on Apple Watch will store your 15 most recent workouts, but all workouts are safely stored in Apple Health).

At this time, Apple Watch is the only wearable device supported by Dash Timer.

I can't find any saved workout information on my iPhone.

Your 15 most recent workouts (and all of their details) are saved right on your wrist!

Need to see basic information from an older workout? That's where the Fitness app for iPhone comes in. If the Fitness app from Apple isn't installed on your phone, please see that it is installed from the Apple App Store. 

Need to see ALL of the details of an older workout? In iPhone's Health App, you'll be able to see all of the data that was once saved to your Apple Watch. This includes heart rate zones, elevation, mile/km splits, segment data, stopwatch entries, and more. To find this data, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Apple Health (Install from the App Store if needed).

  2. Hit "Show All Health Data"

  3. Scroll down to "Workouts"
    (Note: You can save "workouts" into your favorites menu, making this a faster process for the future).

  4. Tap "Show All Data"

  5. Choose a previous workout (look for Dash Timer's App Logo) and view details to your heart's content :)

I've turned on sounds in Dash Timer's settings, but still can't hear anything!

Take your Apple Watch out of silent mode 😊. During workouts, this is highly recommended. You might also consider turning on Do-Not-Distub Mode while working out so that texts, calls, and other notifications don't distract you.

My question isn't listed here.

We look forward to answering your individual questions. Please reach out via phone, email, or live chat right from within this website.