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App Features

Maximize Your Athletic Potential!

Dash Timer is the ultimate fitness app designed specifically for track and field athletes, sprinters, runners, and fitness enthusiasts. Elevate your performance, crush your personal bests, and train smarter with Dash Timer's powerful features.


Train Like a Track Pro:

Practice block starts and strength train more effectively with Dash Timer's Athletic Stopwatch, Command Starts, Timed Haptics, and saved intervals. Ideal for aggressive, high-speed training, Dash Timer is your ultimate companion for improving track and field performance.


Versatility at it's Best:

Not just for track athletes, Dash Timer supports a wide range of activities, including sprints, runs, bike rides, lifts, HIIT, and more. Whether you're an athlete, a coach, or a fitness enthusiast, Dash Timer has everything you need to excel in your training.


Unparalleled Workout History:

Dash Timer empowers you to access your workout history from all of your favorite apps - right on your wrist! Discover detailed workouts and weekly summaries dating back to the last 250 sessions. Effortlessly keep track of your progress and performance trends, enabling you to train smarter and reach your peak potential.


Tailed for Your Workouts:

Choose between Manual or Auto Segments, set Pace Goals, and access a wealth of workout metrics right on your wrist. Stay on pace, track your progress, and optimize your workouts like never before.


Coaches' Dream Tool:

For coaches, Dash Timer offers tamper-proof screenshots and weekly summaries to evaluate students and athletes effortlessly. Keep track of their progress and analyze performance data with ease. See how it works!


Seamless Integration:

Dash Timer syncs seamlessly with Apple Health and Apple Fitness, ensuring all your workout data is conveniently stored and accessible in one place. It also supports Activity Rings, trends, awards, sharing, and competitions.


Simple to Use, Powerful Results:

With convenient music controls, optional app shortcuts via the Digital Crown, and a plethora of useful Apple Watch Complications, Dash Timer offers a user-friendly experience without compromising on performance.


Don't wait to unleash your full athletic potential. Download Dash Timer now and experience a whole new level of fitness training. An Apple Watch with watchOS 6.0 or later is required for fitness tracking.


Visit for more information and dedicated support to help you crush your fitness goals. Get Dash Timer today and transform the way you train!

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