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Dash Timer's stopwatch is designed specifically for intense physical activity. Here's how:

START OR STOP THE WATCH: Tap anywhere on the stopwatch screen.

RESTART THE WATCH: Swipe down at any time to “squash” the time back to 0:00.

TAKE LAPS: At any time, swipe UP on the stopwatch to view lap mode. While in lap mode, tap OR SWIPE UP again to add a lap. Swipe down to put lap data away.

GREAT PRECISION: You can hold your finger on the stopwatch and release at the precise moment you'd like it to start, stop, or add a lap. Dash Timer also automatically ignores unintended, rapid taps when controlling the stopwatch. Super handy when Apple Watch's screen goes to sleep.

TOTAL SECONDS MODE: Visit settings to change a time such as 2:14.35 to 134.35.

MUSIC: To play music or audio, simply tap the music note.

WORKOUT: To start a workout, tap the heart or swipe left.

Advanced Stopwatch Features

SAVE STOPWATCH ENTRIES: If a workout is running, simply swipe right on the stopwatch after it has been paused to save that entry to your upcoming saved workout in Apple Health.

PHYSICAL BUTTON SUPPORT: If a workout is in session AND If settings are enabled, you can press Apple Watch's side button and digital crown simultaneously to control the stowatch. 

COMMAND STARTS: During a workout, force-touch to select "Command Starts." If a workout is in session AND If settings are enabled, you can press Apple Watch's side button and digital crown simultaneously to control the stowatch. 

TIMED HAPTICS: During a workout, force-touch to select "Timed Haptics." This adds great functionality to the stopwatch. Timed haptics are especially useful for T&F or HIIT workouts, but can be used during any workout session.

KEEP THE STOPWATCH IN VIEW: Users have reported accidentally closing Dash Timer by covering the watch during exercise. Unfortunately, if a workout is not in session, this leads to the user no longer being able to see the watch the next time they try to look. To fix this, simply make sure that a WORKOUT SESSION is ACTIVE. That way, even after covering the watch, the stopwatch (or workout screen) will still be in view when the wrist is raised again.

Workout Basics

TO START A WORKOUT: From the stopwatch, swipe left (or tap the heart button) to view the workout screen.

TOGGLE WORKOUT TYPES: In between workouts, swipe UP to reveal different workout options. These options will change the algorithms that Apple Watch uses to determine distance, calories burned, and more. 

CUSTOMIZE VISIBLE DATA: Before (or during!) a workout, tap each section of the screen to toggle between desired information. You can choose between total time, current mile/km/lap time, previous mile/km/lap split/speed, current mi/km/lap pace, avg pace, current pace, total distance, lap distance, current HR, or calories burned.

MANUAL WORKOUT LAPS: Not to be confused with stopwatch laps. During a run or bike ride, swipe UP on the workout screen to reveal lap mode. Then, SWIPE UP AGAIN (or tap the "Add New Lap" button) to add a new lap. Swipe DOWN to exit lap mode.

AUTOMATIC WORKOUT LAPS: In system settings, you can customize a distance in which laps are automatically taken. Even with this enabled, you can take a lap manually at any time. 

PHYSICAL BUTTON SUPPORT: If a workout is in session AND if settings are enabled, you can press Apple Watch's side button and digital crown simultaneously to control your workout.

WORKOUTS NOT WORKING PROPERLY? It's possible that some permissions still need to be enabled. On iPhone, go to the Health App, tap your photo on the top right, Tap "Apps" (Under Privacy), and tap "Dash Timer." To ensure workouts work properly, all readable and writable data should be enabled. Next, to ensure that location and elevation work properly, go to the Settings App on iPhone. Tap "Privacy," "Location Services," and "Dash Timer." Ensure that "While Using the App" is checked.

Save Your Data for Later

ON YOUR WATCH: While ending a workout, Dash Timer will display all available summary data right on your wrist. Scroll Down to view all of this data, save it to Apple Health, or discard it completely. You can also cancel the ending of your workout and resume data collection right where you left off.

ON YOUR iPHONE: After a workout has been saved, you can find a detailed summary in iPhone's Health App. Once there, simply navigate to "Show All Health Data", "Workouts", and "Show All Data." You can also add Workouts to your favorites menu within Apple Health to speed up that process. While the iPhone's Activity App also shows a brief summary of this data, the Health App truly shows every detail.

Special Features!

Force-Touch your Apple Watch to reveal a "special features" menu. From here, you can do the following:

COMMAND STARTS: Have Dash Timer give you a "SET" command followed by the sound of a starting pistol. Your stopwatch will then start automatically. This is useful for practicing block starts as well as for starting the stopwatch automatically when it is difficult for you to do so.

TIMED HAPTICS: Dash Timer can also be set to give you sound/haptic feedback at set intervals while the stopwatch is running. Keep track of time without even looking at your watch! Track & Field athletes can use this to make sure they are staying on pace during an interval. Weight lifters can use this to time their rest intervals, sets, or even individual reps. Those participating in a HIT workout can use timed haptics to keep track of when they should change activities. CrossFit users can use timed haptics for EMOM workouts. Sometimes, it just isn't convenient to look at your watch while working out.

MORE: See what system settings you'd like to customize. If you'd like to change your default workout or toggle between seeing miles/kilometers, this is the place to go. You can even enable physical button support for workouts.

GENERAL TIPS: During a workout, consider enabling Apple Watch's "Do not Disturb" mode. Additionally, Dash Timer has sound! During a workout, it is recommended that Apple Watch's "silent mode" be disabled so that you can hear workout notifications along with those haptic taps.


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