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Dash Timer

Elegant. Powerful. Intuitive. 

Fully-featured and always free of accounts or subscriptions. Incredibly intuitive, yet ready to handle your most intricate runs and workouts.


A Note Regarding WachOS 7:

Surprise! WatchOS 7 was just released! This is wonderful news for users, but not for developers who are trying to put the finishing touches on their applications. Unfortunately, WatchOS 7 removes force-touch capabilities on Apple Watch. Therefore, you will not be able to access timed haptics, command starts, or settings with v1.1 of Dash Timer at this time. Dash Timer v2.0 fixes these issues (and adds other awesome features!), and will be available for the App Store soon. Reach out if you would like access to these features before they hit the App Store!


App Features

Are you a T&F athlete, runner, weight lifter, or fitness junkie with an Apple Watch?

If so, Dash Timer is your ideal workout companion!

And it's different than the rest.

In fact, it was created due to the precise frustrations felt when trying to use everything else on the market. It handles track workouts, intricate (or simple!) runs, and several other workout scenarios with ease. Here are a few features that set Dash Timer apart:

• True lap functionality with time/distance/pace & customizable auto-lap distances

• Ample visibility & real-time customization of data during workouts

• An integrated sport stopwatch that can save entries to any workout type

• Customizable Timed Haptics

• Command Starts with Starting Gun

• So much more!

App Features & Screenshots

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"As a collegiate distance runner and developer, I have been frustrated with the lack of functionality other apps provide on Apple Watch. Dash Timer changes this with its customizability for advanced runners and easy ability to take splits while tracking distance without a phone. Being able to take splits at any time with the physical side buttons or easy screen gestures finally lets me track advanced workouts without limitations on Apple Watch. The workout data is flawlessly synced to Apple Health, so I can look back at all the splits and distances of past runs. Whether you just need a simple-to-use stopwatch or need to track intricate workouts with GPS, Dash Timer is a game changer for the Apple Watch!"

Wes Brimeyer, Collegiate XC Athlete

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Our Story

David Voland is a teacher, coach, and elite Track & Field athlete. While training for the US Olympic Trials in the 400 Hurdles, he was frustrated by the lack of workout applications designed specifically for interval-based workouts. So, he set out to create an application for personal use. Almost immediately, this Track & Field companion became the most-used application on his own Apple Watch. Additionally, his friends and family became quite jealous of the fact that they couldn't download the app for themselves. As a result, Dash Timer was born! Runners, track & field athletes, CrossFit athletes, weight lifters, fans of HIIT workouts, and those who enjoy awesome stopwatches will especially enjoy Dash Timer.


David Voland is currently training for the 2021 US Olympic Trials in the 400 Hurdles and hopes to travel around the world for races that will make that a reality. All purchases of Dash Timer will fuel this dream as well as future development. Finally, feel free to follow David's progress through the Instagram Feed above or leave a development/competition donation here.


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