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Dash Timer

The T&F, Running, and Workout app that you've been looking for. Built for Apple Watch.

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App Features

- Built-In Athletic Stopwatch

- Several Workout Modes (T&F, run, bike, strength, HIIT, and more).

- Saved Workouts (right on your wrist)

- Apple Health Integration (watch & iPhone)

- Apple Watch Complications

- Custom Workout Notes

- Map Data (Save on watch, view on iPhone)

- Target Heart Rate Zones

- 13 Workout Metrics available in Real-Time

- Manual and Automatic Segments

- Physical Button Support

- Save Stopwatch Entries to a Workout

- Timed Haptics / Beeps Available on Stopwatch

- Command Starts / Starting Pistol

- Music Control

- Digital Crown Shortcuts

- Strava Compatibility (See FAQ For Details)

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App Testimonials

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"As a collegiate distance runner and developer, I have been frustrated with the lack of functionality other apps provide on Apple Watch. Dash Timer changes this with its customizability for advanced runners and easy ability to take splits while tracking distance without a phone. Being able to take splits at any time with the physical side buttons or easy screen gestures finally lets me track advanced workouts without limitations on Apple Watch. The workout data is flawlessly synced to Apple Health, so I can look back at all the splits and distances of past runs. Whether you just need a simple-to-use stopwatch or need to track intricate workouts with GPS, Dash Timer is a game changer for the Apple Watch!"

Wes Brimeyer, Collegiate XC Athlete

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